Growth of Online Degree Programs in Africa

Growth of Online Degree Programs in Africa

Over the closing a long time, Africa encountered fundamental problems in adopting on line applications on their tertiary schooling structures. This changed into on the whole because of the dearth of excessive-speed internet infrastructure, loss of regional collaboration on training policies, and problems springing up due to geographical and socio-financial situations. During the 90’s, many nations in Africa were nevertheless counting on radio transmitters and telephone systems as the primary mode of interactive communique. And those conversation structures are restrained handiest to the advantaged city areas. Only until the speedy increase of internet access that commenced in the past due 90’s when African place experienced predominant enhancements within the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) approach of education.

The growth of on line degree packages in the African areas may be mirrored from the numerous studies research carried out via several worldwide businesses over the past 3 decades. To set up the hyperlink between ODL and the growth of on-line degree programs in numerous Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the continent, we uncovered the facts and figures on these studies. The statistics we collected helped us arrive on these key findings.

Open and Distance Learning by using UNESCO, 2002

According to the observe, the rapid increase on internet 香港 mba access turned into in large part observed in many countries in Africa from 1996 to 1999. The boom was attributed to the commitment of African governments within the improvement of Information and Communication (ICT) infrastructures. Parallel to the improvements on net get right of entry to, many universities commenced to undertake ODL systems. The so-called shift of inexperienced persons from single mode to twin mode establishments, also called virtual universities, become then discovered on the flip of the century. According to South Africa’s Council on Higher Education, six campuses with the biggest distance education programmes have around sixty five,000 college students enrolled in online publications.

Significantly, on-line packages including certificate, diploma, bachelors degree, masters degree and other undergraduate and postgraduate publications had been taught on diverse HEIs. These HEIs are the University of South Africa, University of Pretoria, University of Port Elizabeth, Afrikaans University, Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning, Open University of Tanzania, and Zimbabwe Open University.

Trends and Future Directions in Open and Distance Learning Practice in Africa via IISTE, 2014

Despite the lifestyles of many open universities across Africa, many analysts still appeared online schooling inside the continent in its infancy degree. One of the recognised motives to the sluggish progression in ODL market become the lack of quite qualified instructors and human sources with understanding in enforcing and helping the hi-tech shipping techniques of ODL, specifically in many far off regions.

The ODL market inside the African vicinity skilled dramatic adjustments whilst new sorts of distance studying which are based on new records and conversation technology emerged within the overdue 2000s. Globalization created better cooperation among learning establishments and governments in the location. One of the most first rate influences of this trend become the enhancements of online degree programs supplied via many open universities, certainly one of that is the National Open University (NOUN) in Nigeria. In 2012, it become said that the open college has been admitting over 30,000 on-line college students every 12 months.

The Africa Market for Self-paced eLearning Products and Services: 2011-2016 Forecast and Analysis by Ambient Insight, 2013

Africa gained continuous guide from global NGOs in funding and deploying learning era in educational institutions. Online applications offered through pinnacle open universities like the University of South Africa (UNISA) and African Virtual University (AVU) had been upgraded due to the huge scale digitization of academic content material in partnership with internationally-recognized personal agencies. Some of the businesses that showed excessive interest on making an investment in education centers all through the location were the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Microsoft, Samsung, Digital Links, SEACOM, British Council and Moodle.

New digital universities presenting online degree publications emerged as a result of the partnership packages. Some of these universities are the Campus Numerique Francophone de Dakar (Senegal), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Open University of Kenya, and Virtual University of Uganda (VUU).

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